Amazon users without a smartphone are facing a problem with account login

Amazon users without a smartphone facing a problem since Amazon is sending a link for signin. The domain investor does not use a smartphone for her main phone number since it can be easily hacked and good quality smartphones are very expensive
She is using a desktop which is cheaper and more reliable, since the internet connection can be disconnected whenever not required, so hackers cannot access the computer
After the indian tech and internet companies have committed a Rs one crore fraud on her since 2010, she also does not trust them to use a smartphone

Yet it appears that due to the goa and indian government online, computer work, financial fraud since 2010, ntro, raw, cbi are falsely claiming that their lazy greedy fraud employees, who do not spend any money on domains, own the domains, websites of a private citizen, single woman engineer.
So now amazon is sending a link which has to be clicked for login to the amazon account.
For a user with a basic mobile, typing in the 30 digit link code is very tedious and there is a possibility of a mistake while typing the smartphone code