Keeping mobile switched on at night causes insomnia in panaji, goa

People often complain that the mobile is switched off, yet the domain investor is forced to switch off the mobile at night because otherwise ntro will not let her sleep at night.
They are tracking her location closely using the mobile if it is switched on and if it is switched off after 8.30 pm, they will almost always cause insomnia at night.
This shows the extent of the hatred of the well paid ntro employees, they are getting a good salary, yet they are extremely malicious and do not allow harmless private citizens to sleep at night in peace
The next day, the domain investor sometimes forgets to switch on the mobile early, indicating the extent of the problems which are caused due to ntro harassment of harmless citizens abusing their powers.

Airtel signal often not available in some areas of panaji, goa

The conditions in goa are worsening every year, and the best indication of the fact is how Airtel signal is often not available in some areas of especially near the campal parade grounds in panaji, goa.
The domain investor has been spending some time in her house, and she noticed that the Airtel signal was missing on her mobile phone
When she contacted a neigbhour they also confirmed that they were facing the same problem with their airtel number
In other areas of panaji, the problem is not faced

This is causing problems for amazon delivery, the domain investor is using the airtel number and the signal is just disappearing in the area
The amazon delivery person is unable to contact on phone, even if the domain investor is at home.
Many time a new delivery person is there, who does not know how to reach the place and is asking the directions on phone
if there is no airtel signal he is not able to contact and is returning the parcel.
One item was delivered, because the delivery person was using a GPS for finding the location of the house. Amazon also does not leave any message like some courier companies.

On 5 July 2019, the domain investor was at home all the time till 6.15 pm yet the parcel was returned with a green sticker on it
On 6 July, the delivery person had delivered earlier, so he delivered the item, He also said that if it was not delivered on 6 july, it would go return. So if the amazon delivery person has to deliver, it is better the domain investor is not at her home, at least he can contact on phone.

For most online transactions OTP is required, and if there is no mobile network, it will not be possible to complete the transaction