Camera of Android Nokia 1 phone gets disconnected when taking terrace photos in panaji, goa

In a clear case of harassment, discrimination the domain investor found that a fraud panaji xerox shop owner and his associates were filing fake dengue complaints with the health department and threatening arrest for keeping some plants on the terrace.
Everyone else is keeping plants on the terrace, only the domain investor is being harassed in panaji, allegedly with the help of powerful politicians
The domain investor tried to take photos of a terrace nearby to show that she is being discriminated against
Yet indicating that android phones are not reliable, to cover up the panaji politicians paypal fraud, fake dengue complaints, she found that she was getting the message camera disconnected for the android Nokia 1 phone when she tried to take photos in panaji, goa

This clearly exposes that some citizens cannot use android phones, they are not reliable, cannot be used even for taking photos