Abirami Saravanan, Bengaluru told that she will be charged Rs 500 for not picking up phone call

Inspired by IIT kharagpur alumni sundar pichai led google, tata,indian tech and internet companies ONLINE, FINANCIAL FRAUD on the goa 1989 jee topper since 2010, after filing fake cases, a large number of mainly gujju companies are extorting money from lakhs of indian citizens, filing fake cases,

These citizens are then complaining, for example

Abirami Saravanan
Complaint date November 28, 2020
Company : Excellent data solutions maharashtra

Details of Complaint by Abirami Saravanan, Bengaluru:

This is the company named Excellent data solutions. A lady called me from her number and spoked to me like we will provide u a data entry job like it will be 1000 pages and you should complete within 10 days. So i agreed and she sent me a agreement and she didnt even give me time to read it and took my aadhar photo and number. And later after I complete my job they didnt send me any QC report. And today morning a advocate is sending me a legal notice saying i have made loss to the company and should pay the amount they tell. And even if i wont pick his call he is telling me that he will charge me 500 per call for not picking. They are threatning a lot like they have filed a 420 complaint on me. And demanding me to pay huge amount. I come from a very middle class background, even though doing the job they are using very harrasing words. So i kindly request to the concern authority to help people like us from this cheating companies. Please help us from this.

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Until the government stops the fake case racket of indian tech, internet companies this fraud will continue