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Goan bhandari R&AW employee sunaina chodan’s sister issues a death threat to domain investor for talking on phone

It appears that almost everyone in goa , believes the complete lies of the shameless LIAR FRAUD Goan bhandari R&AW employee sunaina chodan who does not spend any money on domains, yet falsely claims that she owns the domains, paypal, and bank account of the domain investor who she and her family hates
Allegedly it appears that they are trying to sell the domains, websites with the support of google, tata and their powerful sugar daddies, relatives like pritesh chodankar who are openly involved in a major DOMAIN, FINANCIAL FRAUD and people are commenting on the content exposing the indian government sex racket , which is based on true news

Indicating the extreme hostility faced by the domain investor in panaji, goa, goan bhandari R&AW employee sunaina chodan’s sister has issued a death threat to the domain investor at around 8.40 am on 7 december 2019 near the lake in panaji, goa that she will kill her, if she will speak to anyone or open her mouth in the domain investors house. All other citizens have the freedom of speech, they can open their mouth freely

People are free to speak anything they wish in their house, they may be rehearsing a play or practising a speech. there is no reason why anyone should take whatever is spoken personally. It is well known among domain investors, that government employees have falsely claimed that call girls, sex service providers own her domains, the domain investor can provide proof from various forums. Even raw has agreed that some women are hired mainly for sex services. On forums government jobs were also mentioned.

Yet in a clear indication of harassment faced by the domain investor in panaji, while she was walking on the road, sunaina chodan’s sister who walking her small puppy intercepted her and was trying to assault her, again falsely accusing her of shouting her and other sisters names. It is the domain investor who has been CRIMINALLY DEFAMED in goa, karnataka for the last 10 years, with various robber housewives, call girls and other frauds falsely claiming to own her house, bank account, domains to get monthly government or other salaries, yet those who have CHEATED, EXPLOITED her falsely accusing her of defamation when she is telling the true news.

The domain investor does not even knowing the names of the sisters , even sunaina chodan is a fictional name like in a hindi movie or play
whenever the domain investor is talking on phone in her house , it appears that the raw employee sunaina chodan and her sisters are are hearing voices and falsely accusing the domain investor of shouting their name . The domain investor is talking to amazon delivery person, There are many movies inspired by real life incidents like rustom, which was based on the nanavati case.