Now smartphones used for sexually harassing women customers

Finance company staff does not behave properly with female customers bending down with smartphone

One of the basic courtesies which women expect is that the male staff of any company should keep a proper distance from them when they ask for information regarding fixed deposits or other information.
Yet when a single woman went to the financial services company, bajaj finance she found that the black shirt wearing staff was behaving very offensively , bending down with his smartphone, probably because he was told to do so . The staff could have easily provided the application form where the interest rates were specified, yet he insisted on bending down using the smartphone

The single woman has been criminally defamed in panaji, circulating photoshopped videos of her in public places, to deny her income and opportunities she deserved, commit labor law violations, hence the specific incident is being mentioned so that people who may get a new photoshopped video of her are aware that it was the bajaj finance staff who misbehaved, the single woman was not at fault

Typically men who misbehave with women get away with it, only the woman has to suffer, face character assassination though she is not at fault.