Almost all smartphones are easily hacked, users should be aware of the risk

The trip was pretty awesome really. We borrowed my cousin Red’s RV, it is built on the chassis of a Mercedes Benz Sprinter and it is about perfect for just the two of us. Of course if the kids had not gone off to college it would probably be a bit on the small side. We drove down to Emerald Isle, pulling the boat behind us and stopping to do some fishing at this lake where a friend has a lake house. I had to find a place to do tree removal in Asheville while I was there. My neighbor emailed me a picture of what happened, this tree in my front yard fell over in a storm, or at least it fell about half of the way down. On the way it got caught up in two other trees and it was hung up there. If it had not done that I think it might have clipped the corner of my house.

Of course this is a tricky situation and some of the people I called did not really want to have anything to do with it. Those guys can make their money doing jobs that are relatively easy when you know what to do, and less likely to put you in a hospital bed or six feet under the ground. You have to have a good bond when you do this sort of thing and I suppose that the people who write that bond do not really want to pay off. They will write me a check if the guy hits my house with this tree, but they may now want to write another bond if they have to. That is how that stuff works and you really can not do this work if you are not bonded.