Due to rampant hacking of smartphones in panaji, goa, citizens forced to purchase children’s camera only because they are cheaper

To cover up their COMPUTER WORK FRAUD, CYBERCRIME, due to which they are able to cheat the domain investor of at least Rs 15 lakh annually, ntro employees are extremely aggressive in hacking the smartphones of the domain investor and she cannot even take photos using the smartphone.
Other cameras are either expensive or not of good quality.

So the domain investor is forced to purchase and use children’s cameras in panaji, goa mainly because they are more affordable. The cheapest cameras otherwise cost Rs 3500 and there is no warranty of the product. In comparison the children’s cameras are costing only Rs 750-800 so even if they malfunction, the loss is limited . The domain investor requires photos for record purposes, and the ntro employees are doing everything to ensure that she does not have any kind of photos for proof.

The fraud CYBERCRIMINAL ntro, raw, cbi employees are falsely claiming that the camera is for children, when the domain investor requires it for herself, since her smartphones are hacked and other cameras are expensive, not reliable in panaji, goa . NTRO have also not started hacking children’s cameras yet