Phone call from indore to cover up BANKING, ICANN FRAUD of CRUEL indore ROBBER RAW employee housewife deepika

CRUEL GREEDY FRAUD Indore robber R&AW employee deepika is very cunning, she will have someone from indore call whenever the domain investor she cheated and robbed receives paypal payment so that she can falsely claim credit when there is no connection at all

The person from indore has no professional relation at all with the domain investor, like other raw/cbi employees faking a btech 1993 ee degree, yet the CRUEL GREEDY SHAMELESS indore fraudsters are so cunning and greedy that they will make a phone call every time the single woman domain investor ROBBED by indore ROLE MODEL ROBBER RAW employee deepika, and tortured for 7-8 years receives payment in her BANK account through paypal

These GREEDY SHAMELESS CRUEL indore fraudsters are making these fake claims so that they can falsely claim to own the bank account of the single woman domain to get a monthly raw salary at the expense of the domain investor with the help of google, tata who are running their R&AW job reward for ROBBERS of domain investor scheme since 2010

the madhya pradesh government is talking about TRUST so can it explain why indore ROLE MODEL ROBBER RAW employee deepika is FAKING BANK ACCOUNT, DOMAIN OWNERSHIP for ten years, when there is no professional connection at all.