What’s Your Favorite Condo Floorplan?

I was hoping that we were going to be able to pick out the floor plan that we wanted for our new condo since we were buying new. I knew that there were a few different kinds of plans and I thought that if I had one that was easier to access our lifestyle that it would be worth the planning time in the end. My mom and my dad said that they thought I should go and look at Treasure at Tampines in Singapore so that I could look at all of the different places that they had since my mom said she had loved her floor plan when she lived there and she made her huge penthouse that she is in now like the one that she had when she lived in the Treasure. I knew that it had to be a great place because she always talked about how she dreamed to own a place like she does now.

I wanted to be able to just go to a place and plan what I wanted. I did not want to have to wait for people to paint while I lived there or had to wait to have a new floor down before I was going to move everything in. To have something that I could move right into would be really ideal for me. I was just looking at the condo online and I got this really warm feeling over my entire body and it was pure happiness. I wanted to go and look at it right away, it was brand new and it was staged and I wanted all of it, all of the furnishings to go along with it. This was the life I knew I had to have and I was right, never been happier.