Smartphone hacking by ntro not covered by mainstream media

Instead of using the million dollar ntro equipment for national security, ntro employees are busy misusing it for hacking the laptops and smartphones of some indian citizens, as ordered by the google, tata and other company employees, these ntro employees are freelancing for.
While it becomes difficult to unlock smartphones and use them, even low end phones costing less than Rs 800 are hacked by the ntro employees to waste the time and money of the private citizen, as ordered by google, tata
After the sim card is inserted, the ntro employees are making it difficult to unlock the mobile. They are able to hack almost all the mobile phones available in India. In other cases, senior citizens find that their mobile has suddenly stopped working

the ntro employees are getting a monthly salary from the indian government, yet they take great pleasure in hacking the mobiles of private citizens, for whom time is money, wasting their time and money. NTRO has extremely poor systems that the employees are allowed to run amok, harassing harmless private citizens for personal gain or hatred.

The mainstream media in India also refuses to cover the sex, bribery racket of ntro employees, so that they can continue their abuse of power