I Am Back from the Navy

I just now started my new job a couple of weeks ago. Of course it is not permanent. I have to save up some money for a car before I go to college and this friend of mine told me to come and ask his uncle for a job. In fact I have some experience in roofing, I used to help this guy out when I was in high school. Of course it was off the books, since you can not legally do flat roof repair in Brooklyn NY until you are over the age of 18. I have not really thought about it too much, but I actually liked the work pretty much. It is hard work and when the summer sun starts to blaze it is not going to be the same thing as it is now. You are going to get burned up, but I will not be too reddened myself. I always wear a good layer of sun screen and I wear a wide brimmed straw hat. That is a really sensible thing when you are on a roof.

Of course I figure that I can work here and save all the money that I can. This guy I was on ship with lets me sleep in a tiny spare room. We have a bit of fun, but of course I do not want to spend much money. I have started to look for a nice car, but you do not need one in the city really. In fact it is a real pain to find a place to park in most areas of the city. Back home I am going to want to be able to get around though, but once I start at school I intend to focus on finishing up and getting a degree.