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Situations Where You Need the Services of a Compensation Attorney

Workers’ compensation allows for the provision of wage replacement and medical benefits to the workers injured while undertaking their duties as employees of a said company. In some instances employers may refuse to compensate as required by law hence the need of such an attorney. So when do one really need the services of a compensation attorney? Below are some of the instances when to hire a compensation attorney.

Claim denial by the employer

Chances are that when you file for the injuries suffered the employer will deny the claim. Also in many situations one may fear to deal with the employer head-on for the fear of losing their job. Other tactics that an employer may use is to intimidate you, or threaten to fire you should you go forward with the case. For the fear of job loss, some would even forgo suing their employer for compensation.

Delayed benefits or getting less of what you deserve

At times your employer may take more time that necessary before paying you what you duly deserve as your compensation. Don’t assume anything and seek the services of an attorney, a compensation attorney can equally help out in such a situation. If so don’t accept for the fear of falling out with your employer or losing your job, instead look for a compensation attorney to help speed up the process and ensure you get what’s rightfully yours.

Unjust dismissal

The law protects you against any retaliation by the employer as a result of you filing a case against them. He may decide to unjustly fire you from your job as a result. He would investigate the reasons for your dismissal and take the necessary actions against the employer.

Filing a third party claim

A third party in such a case may be another person’s negligence or a defective product among other things. If so, the compensation attorney you hire can be able to help you file a claim against them and get additional compensation beside what you get from the employer.

For good medical treatment

In most states, there are employer -specific physicians who would treat the employee for the injuries suffered. Unfortunately the treatment may be poor since they may be all about making one to return to work as soon as possible. A compensation attorney will work to ensure you get quality treatment services from a health provider that has your interests in mind.

What most people don’t know is that there is a time limit for filing for compensation lest it becomes invalid-this is due to the statute of limitation laws that may vary from state to state. The law will always be on your side, it only takes you to find a competent compensation attorney to get the justice you deserve.