Finding Best Lawyers for Bankruptcy

I never thought it would come to this, but I think that I am going to have to file for bankruptcy in the near future. It is unfortunate, because it is embarrassing and all of that sort of stuff. It is going to kill my credit too, and I guess there is no way around that. But I have to find a Sacramento bankruptcy attorney to start to talk to, before I can figure out how I should proceed with this situation.

Looking back, I am not sure how I managed to mess up my finances so badly. I used to do everything in my power to save up money, and I was hoping to be able to save up enough to retire early. But that ship has sailed and then it sunk and was never found again. The best I can do right now, is to try to fix my finances and figure out how to not lose my house.

I think that losing my house might be a very real possibility at this point. I have creditors hounding me every day, and I pretty much ignore every single phone call that I get. It is not like I have the money to pay them anyway, so I do not even see the point in answering there calls. It is depressing to have to hear the phone ring every day, and to be reminded about how much trouble I am in with all of my debt. But maybe I will be able to turn things around in a few years after I file for bankruptcy. I know that it won’t be a quick fix, but to be honest with you, I do not think that there is any way that I able going to be able to avoid this outcome and so I need to face reality.