Iphone microsim cannot be used anywhere else

The incompetent paranoid security agency officials falsely claim that domain investors with multiple sim cards are a security threat to defame and torture them even more with microwave weapons causing great pain. However they do not realize that a person with a IPhone will require a microsim card which cannot be used anywhere else. For example, the idea internet connection is getting used up very quickly and the domain investor requires another internet connection for business use.
Though the Iphone microsim is registered in the name of the domain investor, it cannot be used with a data card or 3g dongle due to the mismatch in sizes. Already bsnl has refused to provide a landline connection to the domain investor, saying that there no free landline connections in the area and a domain investor will require a reliable internet connection for selling and buying domain names.
So the cruel security agency officials should stop making fake allegations without proof that a domain investor purchasing a new sim card is a security threat to ruthlessly torture the harmless civilian for years causing great pain. Reliable internet connectivity is a business requirement, large companies have leased lines, smaller companies use multiple connections

Dropshipping, sourcing websites

In the United states, there are a large number of dropshipping websites, however in other countries there are relatively few, and they charge more money. It is also difficult to find suppliers of products from India. For information of dropshipping websites and sourcing agencies, check Goods Zone . Wholesalers, distributors and others interested in getting rid of their stocklot, closeouts, export surplus can send their offers to nkinf@hotmail.com

Stolen samsung smartphone used for impersonation fraud, allegedly getting R&AW job

Samsung galaxy grand phone stolen while kept for charging at Regus Thane, and used for impersonation fraud, with the thief allegedly getting a lucrative R&AW job for making fake claims of owning the expensive samsung smartphone, having the resume, investment of the real samsung mobile phone buyer . The real buyer of the samsung smartphone was forced to pay the monthly emis for the stolen samsung galaxy grand phone, while the well connected fraud whose relatives and friends stole the smartphone gets a monthly R&AW salary as reward for the impersonation fraud in an indication of widespread fraud in intelligence agencies . Find out more about mobile phone theft, smartphone theft at

Invisible microwave weapons cause headache, memory loss, body ache

Few indian citizens are aware of the fact that certain government agencies like NTRO, security agencies are using invisible microwave weapons to cause great pain, headache, memory loss, body ache on them, often for personal hatred or greed. In USA, similar weapons like the Raytheon pain gun have been described in great detail in the media, however in India, the government refuses to acknowledge the fact that these weapons are available, allowing employees to misuse them.
To get the latest information on the technology and different types of electronic torture weapons being used in India, check the electronic torture website, send an email to nkinf@hotmail.com if you have any queries

another phone call blocked by government officials

Bribed by large corporates, intelligence and security agencies are diverting all phone calls, smses of a harmless single woman obc engineer to the lazy greedy mediocre fraud government employees who are impersonating her. The obc engineer and domain investor cannot even make outgoing phone calls freely, because they are diverted to the R&AW/CBI employee assigned to impersonate her. These government employee are often busy with other work and cannot allow the phone call.
On 21 March 2016, at around 1.36 pm the obc single woman engineer was trying to make a phone call to the landline number of her bank. However she got the message that the subscriber you are calling is busy, a message which normally only mobile providers are giving.

If the government employees are too busy to monitor the phone calls , why is the obc engineer not allowed to make outgoing phone calls, when every other indian citizen is allowed to make the phone calls freely without any problem at all.

Higher charges for non local mobile numbers

Most people live in the same area all their life, however those who go elsewhere to study or work will require multiple mobile numbers because of the higher charges levied for calls, smses in other areas. For example if a mobile phone number was obtained in Mumbai, and the person is mainly using it in Goa due to relocation and other personal reasons, the sms and call charges in Goa will be far higher, compared to when the phone was being used in Mumbai alone.

In these cases, it becomes far more logical for a person to use a local mobile number for making phone calls, sending smses. The paranoid security agencies should consider the problem of non local numbers, before jumping to conclusions regarding multiple sim cards being procured by the same person.

Smartphones are easily hacked

Though smartphones , both android and Iphone have many features, the great disadvantage remains that they can be easily hacked, and different types of spy cellphone software can be installed. In these hacked smartphones, the data can be easily stolen, phone calls terminated remotely, smses diverted and stolen and a number of other problems are being faced. In some cases, the cursor will start moving remotely and the mobile phone will be switched on remotely.

stalker fraud ntro officials use iphone to cause insomnia to domain investors

In the never ending atrocities on domain investors, paypal account holders in India, the shameless fraud ntro officials allegedly freelancing for google, tata to destroy competition, steal the resume for brahmin and other frauds , and blinded by sex bribes offered by fraud goan government employees faking their resume, are repeatedly misusing the expensive ntro equipment to cause insomnia to domain investors.
These cruel sadistic ntro and other government employees will be able to switch on the hacked iphone remotely falsely claiming national security, when it is only to harass a harmless indian citizen.
The indian citizen will then be woken up at an odd time of the day like 3 am to disturb their sleep and adversely affect the productivity for the rest of the day.