I Have Some Money to Invest

I have been thinking about what to do with some money I have inherited. Of course it is a bit of an anecdote I suppose, since I simply came into the money by being a rather nice person to my neighbor, but at the same time the things I did for her sort of benefited me as well. She was rather old and has been as long as I knew her, so I helped her keep up her place and also not harm the value of my house. At any rate I have been looking at copper shares UK, because a friend of mine suggested this as an investment. However I got to thinking about how dependent this sort of thing is upon economic conditions. With aluminum for example, the demand is entirely dependent on the number of cars being built worldwide. I do not remember the exact number, but every time they build an auto it require several hundred pounds of aluminum. I assume that in the future they shall switch over to even lighter materials, but the concept holds.

I assume that with copper the value of it depends on the production of things that are often called durable goods in economic double speak. Things like refrigerators and air conditioners have coils made of copper or aluminum, which both conduct cold or heat extremely well. Obviously when you need electrical wire the same two choices apply, but the copper is greatly superior. It is also more expensive and so they try to replace it where they are able. My object is not really related to getting a big profit from this, instead I am trying to avoid paying a lot of tax upon the windfall. I never knew Mrs.. Winfield had any money, and it stunned me that she left me a pretty significant sum.