Mobile phone of senior citizen hacked in panaji, goa

In a clear indication of the worsening business conditions in India, the mobile phone of a senior citizen has been hacked in panaji, goa, so that all his phone calls are diverted to a contractor, with whom he had a disagreement.
In some cases, even if a person is making a phone call from the airtel phone in the same room, the phone will not ring
This clearly indicates how unreliable mobile phones are for communication, how conveniently intelligence agencies can divert all the phone calls, smses to any person who they prefer
Senior citizens find it difficult to walk, and this mobile phone problem makes them even more vulnerable.
It is observed that senior citizens who are living alone, are the worst affected

It also exposes the lack of humanity in Indian society, the senior citizen may require help urgently due to health problems, yet the phone calls are diverted to a person who hates the senior citizen