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Tooth Whitening Services Though natural and healthy teeth are white, teeth discoloration and staining can happen. When this happens, there are solutions that can be used for teeth whitening. I f one consumes excessive tobacco or some other smoked stuffs, the probability of teeth discoloring increase. Chewing some leaves like khat can also contribute to teeth discoloration. Another cause for teeth discoloration includes excessive consumption of heavy drinks such as coffee and tea. Some people are generally susceptible to teeth stain if they have thin enamel. Even environmental factors such as salty water can contribute o the said teeth problem. Fail to give proper care to your teeth and you will get brown teeth. For any of the above reasons you can go for teeth whitening solutions. The goal of teeth whitening is to make the teeth shinier. There are two types of teeth staining: intrinsic and extrinsic. Intrinsic staining happens to the inside of the tooth. If discoloration has affected the tooth from the outside, it is referred to as extrinsic. Often, extrinsic staining is treated successfully and more easily. Consulting a dentist should be the first thing to do when you note that your teeth have stained. Over and above helping you get your teeth white again, the dentist will also explain the cause. There is a need to conduct teeth whitening for several times for it to be effective. Even a single cleaning will not happen at just single visit to the dentist. The dentist may consider teeth whitening as vital or non-vital. Vital cleaning is one done to the teeth exterior. It happens when the enamel has discolored due to accumulation of wastes and bacteria. plaque and trapped food substances are removed during the procedure. The dentist will provide you with an option of being clinic in the dentistry of home based cleaning. For the in-clinic services, the dentist will take you through the procedure until you have attained the level of brighteners that you desire. You may have to visit the dentistry at least three times. The dentist will apply some powerful gel and activate it with laser lights or heats. This makes the process to be faster and shorter.
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For the home based cleaning, the dentist will issue you with fittings that you will place on your teeth everyday. It may take two or three weeks of the repetition to achieve your desired results.In the fittings, you will apply some less powerful gels to the fittings before you place them on your enamel.
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Non-vital cleaning is offered when the root had received root canal and there are no live nerves. It is done for internal staining. The dentist uses a dentine friendly gel to do the cleaning. Some filling will also be used.