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Impact of Technology on the Future Lifestyle People are known to working day in day out to discover them in the twenty-first century due to the influence of evolution. There are many things on the surface of the earth that have never been explained or discovered, in that various scientist all over the world are working to come up with explanation. People are known to be running away from the obvious routine and the traditions that no questions were ask neither was there explanation to support the various reason. In the twenty -first century, world is becoming more artificial due to improved technology that is promoting fast moving of the products, compared to other natural products that are known to take long time before they become into good use. Many of the world scientists are trying to explain the future of the world, with the help of the technology there are various strategies that are applied to explain how the future will have to offer. There are various hypothesis that has been developed by various scientists concerning the future of the world, technological advancement has been the greatest influence on the way scientists sees the future of the world. Moreover, people are trying to link technology with various sectors and showing out the great benefit advanced science will have on the future of human beings. Having a clue of the future, many scientists have come to the conclusion that the world will require super intelligence machine that will work toward the development of the earth. Nevertheless, scientists are working to come up with the machines of the future that can far surpass human intelligence no matter how clever the person might be. There are various known futurist speakers who have various views about the future of the world depending on the level of their thinking. Moreover, there are various disadvantages of developing super intelligence artificial being where they have not put into consideration such as human spiritualism. With the increased environmental degradation experienced in the last few decades, scientists are coming up with technology that will be more concern on the environmental protection. Science should put into consideration various aspect of life that make up the world.
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Moreover, the future of human being is promising with development of technology in various sectors, where science has developed to make work easier. Moreover, it important to understand various uptake of scientists on the future of the earth, in this case, there are various books that explain the future of the world. Planning is important, in this case, when planning it is important to consider various views of futurist speakers. The world is changing at very high rate, where it is moving toward being artificial.Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Books? This May Help